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Welcome to Tech Nepal Forum

By System @system2020-05-29 01:19:52.986Z2020-06-02 17:39:18.144Z

In short: Tech Nepal Forum is a Knowledge Base.

  • Who is Tech Nepal Forum for?
    Tech Nepal forum is for everyone who has at one point in their life, felt a need to have everything located in one place.
  • What can you do here?
    You can engage in meaningful discussions and share your thoughts/ideas and ask questions. You are encouraged to challenge the status quo. You are entitled to ask as many follow up questions as you want. Curiosity is important and we expect you to not give up something very easily if it's not convincing enough for you.
  • What cannot you do here?
    This is important so, please read carefully. Tech Nepal Forum doesn't promote or tolerate hate, racism or bigotry. If you are a person who promotes violence, racism, or hate speech, we don't want you here. We are all human beings that are created equal and everyone has their own perspective of life. We should respect that and engage in a meaningful discussion while respecting the other person's view. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's wrong. Be mindful of what others are saying and engage in a meaningful discussion rather than name calling and hate. If you can, challenge the idea and add your own viewpoint. Overall, this forum's goal is to encourage users to share their viewpoints. At the end of the day, only you can judge what is right and wrong and believe what you want. Let's keep an open mind and have fun.
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    Rishikesh Ghimire @Rishikesh2020-06-03 03:33:27.835Z

    I am registered here after i saw you in E4N.
    Best wishes for your success

    1. TTech Nepal @technepal2020-06-03 15:54:55.480Z

      Thank You. Hopefully this forum will help you.