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Tech Nepal Forum is a knowledge base where you can ask questions (technical, general, or otherwise), discuss issues, criticize and counter thoughts (while being polite), and search for previously answered questions.
Tech Nepal Forum is not another Sajha, Reddit, Quora, or a Facebook group where the answer to a question is "Please DM me". While it's great that people are willing to answer questions, doing so via Direct Messages hides the information from the public. Other people might be looking for the same answers which now lies in someone's inbox. Answering questions publically will help the broader audience and helps spread the message. Therefore, Tech Nepal Forum promotes collaboration on the questions and discussions so that it becomes available for anyone to search, view, and comment. This is a place where you can have honest discussions and correct others when they are wrong without insulting them.
While the name is "Tech Nepal Forum", it doesn't mean you can't post or discuss other topics. In fact, we encourage you to discuss anything that comes to your mind. Tech Nepal Forum was created to be a single-source-of-truth forum centered around Nepal.
Have fun and more than anything, keep tinkering with your thoughts. Our mind is an oasis that can think unimaginable things.

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Welcome to Tech Nepal Forum

In short: Tech Nepal Forum is a Knowledge Base.

GeneralSRT22020-06-03 15:54:55.480Z
NEPSE Trading

Are there any traders who are using technical analysis to trade on NEPSE? How are you doing it? Where are you getting the data from?

TradingT02020-06-13 15:07:39.346Z
Machine Learning Datasets

Are there any reliable sources where we can find Machine Learning Datasets specifically centered around Nepal?

Artificial IntellegenceT02020-06-12 03:45:46.907Z
Did you succeed in your first startup?

Data shows that startups are very likely to fail in their first year of operation. Only a few make it to become a successful business. Were you an anomaly to that data? Were you successful in your first startup? How did you manage to do that?

EntrepreneurshipT02020-06-08 18:19:16.527Z
Are there any interesting project anyone is working on in the field of AI and ML?

There are companies and people working on AI and ML in Nepal. Often, they are working for a company that has outsourced its development in an effort to minimize their costs. So, undeniably there is a talent pool in Nepal that can tackle this interest...

Artificial IntellegenceT02020-06-04 15:24:56.509Z
Nepal's Traditional Alcoholic Beverages and Crafting Artisan with Sustainability!

Alcohol is not new. It’s older than history and, for many historians, mankind’s story began when alcohol was first brewed in Asia. There aren’t records to tell us precisely when this happened, but by 4000 B.C. there was a lot of beer being consumed t...

IdeasT12020-06-04 15:21:25.549Z
Electric Vehicle Tax. What are your thoughts?

I was really excited when I saw the unveiling of Yatri "An Electric Bike" a couple of months ago. I was impressed by the design and it's ability to run over 230 KM on a single charge. We also know "Safa Tempo" once dominated Kathmandu Valley. Also, b...

GeneralT02020-06-03 15:54:15.372Z
How are you dealing with COVID-19?

How is everyone dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic? How can we get out of this?

GeneralT02020-06-02 17:43:48.168Z
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